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31 七月 2019


方志小说厦门站 驻地写作联展 


艺术家:陈丹笛子 厦门沙坡尾、韩里林 广州新造镇、胡小隆 泉州华侨新村、黄雯青 泉州华侨新村、仇佳 厦门沙坡尾 、王威 浙江徐岙底、肖竞 安徽潭口村、许炜裕 广州新造镇、杨茜 安徽齐云小镇、朱湘 厦门沙坡尾

展期:2019.8.3 – 2019.8.25


地点:白灼空间,厦门 思明区 大学路107号





Gazetteer-Novel in Xiamen: 

Group Exhibition of Writing Residency

Curator: Yu Yuping

Artists: Chen Dandizi, Linlin, Hu Xiaolong, Huang Wenqing, Qiu Jia, Wang Wei, Xiao Jing, Xu Weiyu, Yang Qian, Zhu Xiang

Duration: 2019.8.3 – 2019.8.25

Opening: 2019.8.3 (Sat.), 17:00

Venue: BJOY IMAGE, No.107 Daxue Road, Siming District, Xiamen

Cooperation: Bi Shan Magazine, Dan Du, WEAP, Axis Art Project

Support: Making Space, Never House, Five Cafe

Visual Design: Lin Luqi


工作坊 | 陆上行舟 




讲座剧场 | 《三里书》




Workshops and activities

Workshop: Sailing on Land 

Artist: Qiu Jia

Time: Aug 3rd, 16:00

Venue: The former shipyard and the exhibition hall 

Lecture Performing: 1 Mile Away 

Artist: Xiao Jing

Time: Aug 17th and 18th, 15:00-16:00, 19:30-20:30

Venue: The living room of BJOY


Last year, Gazetteer-Novel selected two natural villages (Xu’aodi in Zhejiang, Tankou in Anhui) and four urban communities (the town of Qiyun in Anhui, Oversea Chinese Village in Quanzhou, Shapowei in Xiamen, and the town of Xinzao in Guangzhou) for a-week-long writing residencies. Before meeting the audience, the text is displayed as its object in this temporary (also eternal in a kind) library. The object of the text suspends the reference to any given region and is re-catalogued in the library without any summative experience and typical feeling of misplacement, behind which, the significance of geographical or human memory disappears at this moment. The identities of the six southern villages (or towns) are folded to the back of the visible text, which is not presented as a marvel or a surprise, but the author’s daily life as a traveler in somewhere else .


In the library, the curator will return to be a librarian with a feather duster – a ceremonial caretaker (in a sense, the character returns to the initial transition between care and cure). Explore endlessly along the seemingly inelegant hexagonal symmetry, dust off the text and try to “measure” the distance between the author and the resident place:Did he (or she) go inside? Or is he (or she) still outside the door? Perhaps the librarian can ask herself this question, and this feeling of “far or close” will be involved in the path of the exhibition. Of course, the distance here is not the physical distance in the objective sense, nor does it have the ranking of good or bad


Infinite hexagonal galleries


Start from the whispering monologue mingled with buzzing – they are looking for an unknown woman. Put on gloves to carefully read the ancient archives, but accidentally fall into the shadow of black and white negative films. Because of the lonely force, slid into another wonderland in dizzy, yes Wonderland, where will wake up every 60 seconds and return to the worldly and desire. But the soul flutters off and becomes the one who is watching oneself – explore endlessly along the seemingly inelegant hexagonal symmetry, dust off the text, barely recognize that the image was a untouchable coincidence in geographically, but in myths and legends there might be evidence to follow. At this moment (a hypothetical opening moment), the shore “flotilla” leading the soul to join or return, find out a woman’s name in the flashing images. Three miles away, the night keeper turns on the delayed light.



This infinite hexagon may not appear at all, if you enter or watch from any conventional route. As Dunraven said, “Think about the universe.” 

Or the reverse.

| 部分参展作品 Artworks

胡小隆 Hu Xiaolong


Unconventional Guest Number for Nanyang Return


Photography, variable size, 2019

韩里林 Linlin


Translating Xinzao


Text, dual-channel video, color, sound, 15″, 2019

陈丹笛子 Chen Dandizi


Sixty Seconds Of Wonderland Park


Three-channel video, color, sound, 9’45”, 2019

朱湘 Zhu Xiang


Si hong -Fictional / Historical


Handmade book and ready-made, variable size, 2018-2019

策展人 Curator

余雨萍 Yu Yuping

策展人,以艺术家驻地项目入门开始专注于当代艺术。2017年毕业于香港中文大学文化管理专业(硕士学位),主要学术研究方向为博物馆剧场及戏剧化策展。2015年参与创立轴艺术项目Axis Art Project,第一回展览“一座岛屿的可能性”,第二回展览“厦门肉食公司”入选上海当代艺术博物馆青年策展人计划。曾工作于样当代艺术空间(厦门),实习于18th Street Arts Center(美国)、中国欧洲艺术中心(厦门)。

As a curator, starting with the program of Artist in Residency, she focuses on contemporary art with research interest of Museum Theater and theatricalized curating. Graduated from Chinese University of Hong Kong majoring in Cultural Management (MA) in 2017. In 2015, engaged in founding Axis Art Project and curated the first exhibition The Possibility of An Island (Xiamen). The second exhibition Amoy Meat Factory won the prize of the Emerging Curator Project in 2016 (Power Station of Art, Shanghai). She used to work in ModeA Contemporary Art Space (Xiamen) and take the internship at 18th Street Arts Center (USA),  China European Art Center (Xiamen).

艺术家 Artists

陈丹笛子 Chen Dandizi


Chen Dandizi (b.1990). Graduated from the oil painting department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2015. Creation involves video, installation, photography and literature. Her recent works explore the perception and experience of encounters with the daily phenomenon of natural or artificial, including alienation of human emotion, and hope to get the consolation out of alienated by the  observation and imagination of nature. In her case, text reading, self-knowledge, and observation of the environment and atmosphere in the region create a hidden connection that is difficult to capture, as it says: “Everything makes sense.”

韩里林 Linlin


Graduated from Imperial College London major in Biochemistry, Linlin is the founder of Dalian Echo Books. From 2008 to 2017, she managed several cultural venues in the form of bookshop, library, cinema and Dansheng Space. Since June 2017, the closure of all actual venues, she continued organizing independent screening events and worked as an independent publisher. She always worked closely with words, and considered writing the primary way of all her creative activities. 

胡小隆 Hu Xiaolong

胡小隆,现生活工作与上海福州两地,影像艺术家。曾入围2017年香港亚洲青年创作展/2018年Wonder Foto Day台北国际摄影艺术交流展/2019年日本International Creative Arts 2019 in Japan。

Hu Xiaolong is a photographic artist living and working in Shanghai and Fuzhou. He was included in the Hong Kong Asian Youth Creation Exhibition 2017, Wonder Foto Day Taipei International Photographic Art Exchange Exhibition 2018 and Japan International Creative Arts 2019 in Japan.

黄雯青 Huang Wenqing


Graduated from the Academy of Cross-Media Arts of China Academy of Fine Arts. Graduate Students of Experimental Art College of Central Academy of Fine Arts. Her artistic practice involves installation, video, photography, poetry, action, theatre, etc. She cares about order, daily life, wandering and return.

 仇佳 Qiu Jia

艺术家、作者和艺术策划者,毕业于法国莱茵高等艺术学院获硕士学位,现工作生活于北京。研究和创作领域围绕虚构与非虚构/日常生活和城市空间的诗意,曾任波兰格但斯克LAZNIA当代艺术中心驻地艺术家、法国Les Commisaires Anonymes策展小组成员、法国斯特拉斯堡和南非约翰内斯堡PLAY/URBAN项目研究员、盲象独立艺术机构联合创始人和杭州DUSTHOUSE灰楼计划发起人。

Qiu Jia, is an artist, writer and curator currently based in Beijing, graduated in Haute Ecole des Arts du RHIN with a master’s degree in Scenography. With research interests in fiction & non-fiction/poetry of Daily life and urban space, he has participated in various contemporary art activities: artist-in-residence at LAZNIA Center for contemporary art in Gdansk, member of Les Commisaires Anonymes, researcher of PLAY/URBAN Project in Johannesburg, co-founder of INVISIBLE ELEPHANT and DUSTHOUSE.

王威 Wang Wei

装置、影像、小说、 创作者,城乡空间形态研究员。


Artist and urban researcher.

Focus on exploring liberty and playfulness, pay close attention to living circumstances of city and village, individuals and entirety, besides imperceptible moments.

肖竞 Xiao Jing


Xiao Jing works as a director, performer and dramaturgy in theater. She Graduated from Beijing Normal University, is a member of New Youth Theater Group. Her main woks includes The Unknown Letters, China PhilologyA Man Who Flies Up To The Sky, One fine dayWriting poem which were invited to Wuzhen festival, Beijing Fringe Festival, Beijing Nanluoguxiang Performing Arts Festival,VIE Festival and Ruhr Theater festival.

许炜裕 Xu Weiyu


Xu Weiyu graduated from the department of oil painting at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2018. Right now she’s working in 1200bookshop,and dedicated to messing around . She focus on fiction and experimentation in relation to painting, writing, installation and sound. Her contemporary creations mainly pay attention to the relation between the individual consciousness and space, meanwhile trying to exploit new definitions as well as possibilities of public space.

杨茜 Yang Qian


Writer, now working in a Sensory park in Germany.  She doesn’t know how to define herself now. If she has to find a word, then it’s the story.  A story is the way she enter and leave the world.

朱湘 Zhu Xiang

朱湘(b.1991) 2017毕业于广州美术学院油画系(硕士),现工作生活于广州。创作的方向对“废弃物”进行收集与重构,重拾一个城市“拾荒者”的身份并去开展实践和行动。媒介不限于绘画,文本,装置以及项目。近期展览/项目:2018年,“海面之下是火山”,博而励实验室,北京;2019年成立FACE计划(Family Album Collect & Explore,这个计划以对家庭相册的收集与探索为内容进行“记忆工作”,不限于任何地域,任何人群)。

Zhu Xiang (b.1991) Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Guangzhou Academy Fine Arts (master’s degree), and lives and works in Guangzhou. She collect and reconstruct “waste information” in her artworks ,and to regain the identity of a city “chiffonnier”, use this identity to motivate practice and action.The media is not limited to painting, text, installation and project practice.Recent exhibitions/projects: 2018, “There are vocanoes under the sea” ,BLG LAB, Beijing; 2019 set up “FACE pogram” ( Family Album Collect & Explore,This program uses the collection and exploration of family albums as a “memory job” for the content, not limited to any region, people ).

方志小说 Gazetteer-Novel


Gazetteer-Novel is a joint residency project, advocating local writing practice and artistic action. Since 2017, nearly 50 writers, artists and social workers have been invited to 11 villages and towns in Yunnan, Guizhou, Fujian, Anhui, Zhejiang and Guangdong during these two years. It held a group exhibition in Bishan, Anhui Province in 2018. Gazetteer memorize facts, relating to onsite experience; novel is fictitious, relating to imaginary adventures. Gazetteer-Novel combines the two, try to combine the virtual and real, stimulate each other, and open up experimental cooperation.

轴艺术项目 AXIS Art Project 


Axis Art Project is a spontaneous art project derived from a complaint — “Xiamen is so boring”. The main purpose is to express ourselves and put up questions. 


E  axisart@163.com

Weibo @AXIS-轴艺术项目 

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