…..Pedro Bakker艺术家书《天真无邪》分享会
27 一月 2019






 Pedro Bakker

Honored Guest



2018/09/15  16:00-18:00


厦门市思明区大学路107号 白灼影像




About talk


Pedro Bakker is a visual artist and staying for 4 months at CEAC in Xiamen and working on a performance project TO SCRRROOOLLLL. As a mid-career artist he collaborates with a very young female dancer Yùn Kê to choreograph a immersive dance. Old and new passionate stories will pass by, with unrolling a 4-meter-long hand scroll from the Dreams in Red Chamber created by Pedro, with references to the movie Lolita by Stanley Kubrick and a case of sexual harassment of a young student by her teacher. To oppose the macho Gangster of love (hip hop by the Getoboys) with the vulnerable feminist 米兔子 position in mainland China.


Nowadays, sexual harassment is a hot item, a group show Crush at Para-site in Hong Kong delves into the emotions of this dark side of love which drew Pedro’s attention when he visited Hong Kong last week. Together with his friend, Zhang Fang, they will talk about Crush at Para-site, his book Innocent and its front cover, his film Pygmalion’s Bride, his new project in Xiamen and the dramatic figure of the stalker. When the news is flooded with detailed reporting on sexual violence and harassment, we choose to keep our mouth shut instead, while relying on the victims to be our bravest soldier against “misconduct”. This talk means to trigger our reflection and action, with a further concern: could art help to relieve the victims’ burdens?


Pedro Bakker是一名视觉艺术家,正在厦门CEAC进行为期4个月的驻留,并创作全新的表演项目“TO SCRRROOOLLL”。作为一名处于职业生涯中期的艺术家,此次他将与年轻女舞蹈家Yùn Kê 合作,通过沉浸式舞蹈带领观众走进新与旧的激情故事。舞蹈将随着Pedro创作的长达4米的红楼梦手卷徐徐展开,从百年前中国女性的忠烈与哀婉,到斯坦利·库布里克的电影《洛丽塔》中的禁忌与疯狂,以及取材于现实的一位年轻学生默默忍受来自老师性骚扰的隐秘与绝望,Pedro希望通过唤起对中国大陆脆弱的女权主义“米兔”的立场的关注,来反击以“Gangster of love”(hip-pop by Getoboys)为代表的男权。


性骚然是当下的热门话题。上个星期,当Pedro访问香港时,正在在香港Para-site 艺术空间进行的群展“Crush ”引起了他的关注,该展览邀请了17个/组艺术家共同探讨爱的黑暗面。本次分享会将以对话的形式展开,Pedro将与他的友人张芳一起畅谈,群展“Crush ”、Pedro的书籍《天真无邪》及其封面故事、他的电影《皮格马利翁的新娘》、他此次在厦门的驻地创作、戏剧中的跟踪者角色。当新闻里满是对性暴力和性骚然细致的报道时,而我们却在现实生活中对它闭口不谈,“在这场对抗‘不当行为’的战争中,依赖受害者来担当我们最勇敢的士兵”,这场对话希望带来更多的反思和行动的可能性,并进一步提问:艺术可以帮助减轻受害者的负担吗?

About book


Behind every door is a story. What if the battle between good and evil gains a face? What if it is waged in your mother’s face, the personification of love itself? And what if the paternalistic state gets involved?

As gripping as a dramatic family novel, this book unfolds as a hybrid between an autobiographical and cultural-political quest. Artist Pedro Bakker thoughtfully illustrates the dangerous tension between love, power and powerlessness. In figurative reflections on human relationships, political relations and his own life, he tries to come to grips with our involvement in questions of guilt and innocence, precisely where the line demarcating the two becomes tremulous.

Some things are too fierce to be articulated; we are expected to remain silent about others, and sometimes we are too afraid to speak. We humans are often too small to rise to that. The artist aims to go beyond this. Visually, the artist processes a diffuse reality, at times even distorted, which seems removed from common sense.

Pedro Bakker is such an artist. He does not shy away from irrationality, or from the devil on our shoulder, whose tendency towards lust, love and aggression threatens to drown us in a normlessness, which contains the threat of an egocentric turn from our compassion and our social understanding.









About artist


Pedro Bakker (1952) lives and works in Friesland (NL). Hestudied Fine Arts and Philosophy in Amsterdam. At first he was a painter andalternately a writer upon art. In 2006 his participation in an “existentialistretreat / Militant Bourgeois” changed his artistic attitude, from painting ameaningless subject to drawing an autobiographical theme. In 2010 he obtainedhis MA Artistic Research at the University of Amsterdam with a graduation, soloshow MUM at W139. Large coloured drawings have been shown internationally:Witzenhausengallery Amsterdam/New York, Scope Basel (CH), Scope New York, ZonaMaco Mexico, Museum De Paviljoens (NL), RISD Providence (USA), Buro Leeuwardenand Fries Museum, Onomatopee Eindhoven, Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam,Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, Frans Hals Museum / De Hallen Haarlem, WitteveenVAC Amsterdam, Drents Museum Assen (NL), DAC Chongqing, Black Sesame Space andC-Space Beijing (CN) and Schloss Evenburg, Leer (G).

Last year he had a solo show at the Fries Museum(NL) and was awardedwith the Gerrit Benner Prize. Many of his (large) drawings are in thecollection of the Fries Museum.

A few years ago he received the 4-year grant “Proven talent”(Established Artist) from the Mondriaan Fund to work on his, long term, project“New Illusions of Love”.


Pedro Bakker(1952),生活和工作与荷兰弗里斯兰省。他在阿姆斯特丹学习艺术和哲学。刚开始他是个画家,后来在此基础上他开始写作。2006年他参与的存在主义阵营撤退改变了他的艺术态度。2010年,他毕业于阿姆斯特丹大学并在阿姆斯特丹W139举办个展。去年他在弗里斯兰博物馆(NFL)举办了个展,并获得了 Gerrit Benner 奖。他的许多(大型)绘画作品都在弗里斯兰博物馆收藏。几年前,他收到了蒙德里安基金会授予他的为期4年的“已证明的才华”(已确立的艺术家)资助,用于他的长期项目“爱的新幻觉”。




Zona Maco当代艺术博览会,墨西哥城(墨西哥)

Museum De Paviljoens博物馆,阿尔梅勒(荷兰)

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