19 十二月 2018







New Drawings by Hamish Coleman


Hamish Coleman(New Zealand)



2018/10/21  16:00





厦门市思明区大学路131号-1 白灼影像

No.131-1 Daxue Road,SiMing District,XiaMen





For the second exhibition of Ocotober, B-JOY IMAGE is pleased to have another visual artist from New Zealand, Hamish Coleman, who is currently staying in Xiamen for 3 months. The exhibition will last from the 21st to 31th of October, with an opening ceremony on Sunday the 21st Oct at 4pm.


Coleman is known for his oil paintings on linen, which are created from screen-shots of music videos and short films discovered online. During his time in Xiamen Coleman has focussed on drawing, representing his found imagery in graphite on Chinese calligraphy paper.


‘I deal in the removal and representation of images. I search for screen captures of existing found film footage. In their original state these screen captures are blanketed in obscurity and isolation, but through a process of adaptation into drawings and paintings, these elements are elevated. This allows exploration of tensions that lie between figuration and abstraction, and sets up a continuous and ongoing dialogue between the two. The original image is transcended and it is the paint and surface that challenges the hierarchy of the figurative subject.’
— Hamish Coleman





For my solo exhibition at B-JOY IMAGE, I have explored the technique of high-resolution scanning to create blow-up prints of drawings made in Xiamen. I have then applied pearlescent watercolor over these large photographic prints. This is an extension of my usual painting practice, as I make my own pearlescent oil paint in my Wellington studio.


Sublunary is a word I have become intrigued by recently. It is used to describe the mundane realism of the world we inhabit, as opposed to a superior reality beyond our own. It also means literally ‘beneath the moon’. Making these new painted drawings I have realized how much relevance this word has to my time here in Xiamen, as being here has felt like an alternate reality to my own reality back home. The subjects of these drawings are screenshots taken from New Zealand short films, they depict destructive fires and calm scenes of water, swimming and washing hands. Sublunary has its origins in Greek astronomy, the world between earth and the moon was known as the ‘Sublunary Sphere’ and consisted of the four classical elements: earth, water, air, and fire. My painted drawings depict of all of these. The Chinese translations of ‘Sublunary’ add another layer of interpretation to this exhibition.


哈米什·科尔曼(生于1989年)是来自新西兰的视觉艺术家。科尔曼曾就读于坎特伯雷大学(克赖斯特彻奇,新西兰),伊拉姆学院美术专业,并于2012年取得学士学位(优秀毕业生)。其作品于新西兰各地举办个展或参与群展,如PG画廊(克赖斯特彻奇)、乔纳森·斯玛特画廊(克赖斯特彻奇)、Meanwhile计划空间(惠灵顿)、RAMP画廊(汉密尔顿)等。《新西兰艺术》、《澳大利亚艺术收藏》等杂志曾对其进行采访报道。科尔曼现由Bartley and Company画廊(惠灵顿)代理,该画廊于2017年举办其重要个展《闪缎》。2018年,科尔曼受邀参与了众多群展,《粉色森林》(墨尔本,澳大利亚)、《艺术奥克兰》(新西兰)等。

Hamish Coleman (born 1989) is a visual artist from New Zealand. In 2012 the artist graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from Ilam School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. He has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout New Zealand,including at PG Gallery and Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch, Meanwhile Project Space, Wellington, and RAMP Gallery, Hamilton. Coleman has been featured in Art New Zealand and Art Collector Australia. He is represented by Bartley and Company Wellington, where he exhibited his well received solo exhibition ‘Shot Silk’. In 2018 Coleman participated in group exhibition ‘Pink Frost’ in Melbourne, Australia, and exhibited at the Auckland Art Fair, New Zealand.




对谈/翻译: 张芳
编辑: 剑雄
校正: 张芳/Hamish Coleman